Pitbull lab mix | A Complete Guide of Bullador

Are you thinking about a great companion walking through around you? Pitbull lab mix can be an option might feet your desire.

Pitbull lab mix, commonly known as a Bullador, is a energetic, smart and loyal hybrid dog. It is mixed breed of two purebred pooches, one is American Pitbull and another is Labrador retriever.

It is a great addition to a family, who are generally used to managing large breed type dogs. You can also call them Pitador or Labpitt. You can also call them Labrabull.

If properly socialized, consequently it can be a loyal companion of your family. Waiting to know more about this breed, let’s go with us.

Overview of Pitbull lab mix

Pitbull lab mix
Pitbull lab mix important information
Commonly known as Bullador, Pitador, Labpitt, Labrabull
Height 12 – 28 inches
Weight 50 – 90lbs
Temperament Protective, playful, outgoing
Life expectancy 10 – 14 years
Color Black, yellow, chocolate, brown
Coat Short, shiny, double coat
Type Active
Known health problems Hip dysplasia, skin and coat allergies, Heart disorders

First of all, It’s a mixed typed breed, having life expectancy from 10 to 14 years, been used as companion long ago. Its suits best to family having previous experience.

In spite of popularity, no major club entitled it as a new breed. Only Designer Breed Registry has given them an identity as Labrabull.

But , Who and when mixed this breed for the first time, it’s a mystery.

Hence some people believe that, breeders combine these two popular breed expecting best qualities.

Basically, Pitbull is used as a classification of dogs, tends to have similar appearance:

  1. Staffordshire bull terrier
  2. American Staffordshire terrier
  3. American Bulldog
  4. American Pitbull Terrier

If you cross any of the four above with Labrador, it’s also a Pitbull lab mix.

You might have some idea about its bad reputation. If you socialize them properly, consequently you might end up with happy smile.

You will be surprised knowing furthermore, Labrador is one of the most popular breed in America. But Pitbull is not an official breed of American Kennel Club, ranks with different name as Staffordshire.

Day by day, this breed has gained popularity to us for their affectionate and protective nature.

Appearance of Pitbull lab mix

An adult Pitbull lab mix can weigh up to 50 to 90lb, and about height it can be 12 to 28 inches as well.  

Generally they are muscular, having a short, smooth coat with floppy ears.

A male Pitbull Lab Mix weight can be to 80 pounds. Whereas, Females are found relatively small comparing with male.

Though Labradors and Pitbull is medium sized dog, Labrador is much leaner than Pitbull.

Colors and Coat

Coat of Pitbull lab mix is almost always short and shiny, but they can also have the double coat from their Labradors parents.

Most common color of this breed is black. It can also be like:

  • Yellow
  • Chocolate
  • Brown
  • Brindle

Though it is unpredictable telling exact color but if you know colors of its parents, you can get an idea about upcoming pooch.

Personality and temperament

Pitbull lab mix sitting front

Whenever question arrives about their temperament, best thing will know most of its parent’s history. Because inherited breed usually takes trait from its parent’s gene.

So let’s have a look to its parent’s temperament:

  • Temperament of Pitbull terrier – they are diligent and playful. Beside this, due to its protective nature, you can be assured that, they are always devoted to its owner being a guard dog.
  • Temperament of Labrador retriever – Labrador are good tempered and outgoing. Their gentleness and adaptability makes them most popular breed in the world.  

Though you have a basic idea about its parents, hence it cannot be forecast exact temperament of you mix. Because any of its parents gene may influence high.

Whatever happens, they are always eager to please its owner. Just need to socialize them at their early life.

They do not like to be alone. Loneliness makes a negative impact towards its mood. So if you need to go somewhere for a long time, must hire a day walker or someone else to exercise them.

If you do not consume all of its energy by training or exercise, probably they might make unusual noise with bad temper.

Sometimes people misguided by its barking type nature. It’s no problem; they just react fast to unknown or something unusual happening.

We recommend, try to keep them busy with anything as they love to play. If you socialize them properly, consequently your children will treat them as a funny toy.

Are Pitbull Lab mixes dangerous?

No they are not dangerous, wonderful to any family and children but need to socialize them at their growing stage. 

Exercise requirements of Pitbull lab mix

Pitbull at forest

You have already known that, both of its parents are energetic, that’s why they need proper exercise to feet their body with energy level.

Exercise not only makes them feet but also helpful to make effective mental model throughout its lifetime.

If not exercised enough, they can be frustrated. As a result, undesirable behaviors may occur.

It is a good idea to exercise them at least 1 hour per day. It can be increase at their development phase. You can try with some effective method as like:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Herding
  • Tracking
  • agility classes

Sometimes you need to be careful about swimming because, some of them might found inefficient with this method. So you should keep an eye on them while swimming. You can also invest to buy a life jacket.

Agility classes can be a perfect choice while passing away development stage. As it posses good impression towards their mind and body.

You should socialize them at their early stage with others types of dog. If you can do it, you will found there is no issue to off leash them.

One issue you can face with this breed, legal obligation of ownership. Because they might be restricted in your area. So you need to know about the law before buying one. Otherwise you may be charged for unauthorized uses.

How much does a lab pit mix cost?

An adult lab pit mix can cost you around 100$ – 600$, depends on breeder because, reputed breeder can charge you more. It also depends on parents of these breeds location.

Development chart of a puppy to become adult

Puppies development phase chart
Small or Medium type 10 12 months
Large or Giant type 18 – 24 months

Feeding and Diet

You might think about how much food you need to feed them? yes, it’s a good question. As their energy level is so high, so required plenty of healthy food.

But in some case you need to manage their diet plan. Because this breed are more prone to obesity. So you need to feed them according to their body weight.

Above all, You should feed them 30 calories per pound of its body weight. Beside this, you need to maintain a food chart. You should not apply substances which may involve corn syrup , it may affect bad instead of doing good.

Most noteworthy, Their nutrition should be proper to optimize their immune function effectively.

Generally Puppies grow quickly at their childhood stage. Reaching adulthood, Small and medium sized breed tend to become more quicker than large sized breed.

Growths rates of your puppies can be vary by breed and involve a complex process of interactions among genetics and also environment as well.

A perfect diet should contain:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Calcium
  • Digestible carbohydrates

Protein and fat also plays a vital role when they are going through early stages. so If you want to get a healthy breed, we recommend feed them dry food contains 22 – 32% of protein and 10 – 25% of fat accordingly.

You should Serve them, 2 -3 cup high quality dry kibble, split into 2 times a day. If you find any problem feeding them, contact with your vet immediately.

How much should I feed my Pitbull lab mix?

You should feed them, 2 – 3 cup high quality dry kibble per day divided into 2 sessions. Due to high energy level, need plenty of healthy food.


Bullador running

Because of its intelligence, you need to train them at their early time. If you ask about, how to train them? we recommend 2 types of training as like:

  • Positive reinforcement based training
  • Reward-based training.

If you apply positive reinforcement, you will find best positive response from them. it is a common practice been applied by most of the dog owner in the world.

You can try with it:

  1. Tell them to do something by saying ‘go’
  2. if they can do it, praise them
  3. if failed to do, do not give anything
  4. say once again to do it
  5. if done, praise them
  6. repeat the process

You might feel interest to know about what type of praise should be given. Our answer is, it’s up to you. But we recommend, just food.

You can also apply with different things like toys or something they love.

Don’t feel bother training them to know about our social system, because socialization is crucial when they are growing.

While training, sometimes they become failed to do according to given order. Let them try once again. Do not punish them because, punish can led aggressive behavior or destruction.

 You will always found, they are always eager to please you and passionate helping people.

Try with basic commands while training, it can be:

  • Go
  • Start
  • stop
  • Leave
  • Catch

You should give them plenty of mental stimulation. Likewise Brain game can be a smart choice, as they are intelligent enough to learn anything quickly. So If they found something funny, they will just love it.

Know health Problems

Being a healthy breed means not exempt from health related issues. Sometime Bullador suffers various diseases inherited from its parents.

So it will be great idea to know more about its parent’s disease:

Pitbull terrier

  • Hip dysplasia – common type of disease, any size of dog can be suffered from it. It can be painful to your breed and drastically reduces quality of life.
  • skin and coat allergies – most of the time ,The symptoms of dog allergies like nasal allergy. consequently Symptoms can be like coughing, wheezing, red eyes and stuffy nose.

Labrador retriever

  • Heart disorders – Though many people unaware about this disease. But it makes a long queue, because it is estimated that, about 7.8 million dogs in United States suffers heart disorders.
  • hereditary myopathy – not only affects muscle tissue, but also muscle structure and function. If it happens to your breed, as a result muscle becomes very weak.

So now you have an idea of your breed’s possible disease type. You should keep in mind that, every living breed must face some kinds of health issues.

above all, if found something abnormal with your breed, call your vet immediately.


So it’s all knowing about this breed. Bullador is so much intelligent with great energy. They love to meet people with children.

After socialized at their early stage, in return ,you can feel much love goes to this breed. their protective nature makes them good guard dog. Don’t let them away from you.

Your children would be very happy playing, walking and running with it. You just give them time to know how much you love them.

So why are you waiting for, go and get your own one. We are also waiting to listen something funny from you about this energetic breed.  please share your comment with us …

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