The Ultimate Guide about Pitsky | husky mix with Pitbull

Have you known that, husky mix with Pitbull is a cross of two purebred dog? American Pitbull Terrier and Siberian or Alaskan husky. It is a very much affectionate and friendly breed.

Commonly known as Pitsky. Both of its parents are active and energetic. You need to do a lot of activity to make them happy and healthy.

It’s a medium cross breed, perfect for any active families who have previous experience maintaining large breed.

Are you thinking about to add this popular mix into your home? It’s not a bad idea. Let’s share with you more about this breed.

Overview of husky Pitbull mix

Pitbull looking to you

You may want to know story of Pitbull husky mix, but it is undefined. Because there is no true story behind mixing date.

It also true that no one has claimed that, he or she tried to mix it for the first time. So it will be a great idea knowing about its parents. So let’s go …

Siberian husky

Siberian husky originated by Chukchi people in Chukchi Peninsula, located in eastern Siberia.

We do not find any specific and authentic year entry of this breed, but it’s about 1000 years ago. Chukchi people used this breed for sled pulling.

It is a medium-sized working dog breed, belongs to the Spitz genetic family. This breed became famous after win a sled race in Alaska.

They are Mischievous and Outgoing, ranks 14 out of 195 within working group at America kennel club (AKC).

Pitbull terrier

American Pitbull terrier, medium sized intelligent breed, first arrived in United States in the late nineteenth century and recognized by united kennel club at 1898.

In the early 20th century, been used as catch dogs in United States. They have played an important role as police dog or companion dog.

Though Pitbull is a popular breed in America, hence American kennel club (AKC)do not declared them as breed. but United Kennel Club and American Dog Breeders Association recognized them as Pitbull terrier.

Pitbull husky mix short brief
Lifetime 12 to 16 years
Height 20 – 24 inches
Weight 40 – 80lbs
Commonly known as Pitsky
Color Black, brown, white, grey
Coat Single or double coated
Food and diet 2 -3 cups high quality dry kibble
Exercise Walking, hiking, running
Temperament Friendly. Intelligent, affectionate

Appearance of husky mix with Pitbull

Pitbull laying down

It would be difficult to know, how your pooch will look like until it reaches its adult stage. It can be like any one of its parents, may be vice versa.

Whatever the prediction, you are going to get a fantastic mix. It may come up with floppy or erect ears with almond shaped eyes.

But it is sure that you are going to get a muscular typed breed. Sometimes you might get wolf like appearance, if it get most of its traits from its husky parents.

It can be medium or large sized, while its parents gene are probably most important thing need to be consider.

If you have a look to its body size, you can possibly found an adult pooch having a good height about 20 – 24 inches, and weight can be 40 – 80lbs.

 Female breed are usually considered apparently small comparing to its male mate.

A wide range of variation you will found within its color and coat. Their colors can be like:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray

Basically they received most of its color from parents, that’s why it cannot be predict. But if you want getting some idea to see which color its parents belongs to.

Beside this, their coat can be short or long. But mostly it comes with double rough coat. It can also be thick and long.

Temperament of pitbulls mixed with huskies

So how would be its temperament? Generally, most of the time it receives traits from its parents.

If you know its parents temperament, you will get some idea about what type of temperament its pooch might have.

Pitbull husky mix sitting

Siberian husky

Siberian husky is a gentle and intelligent breed. they do not have possessive qualities as a perfect dog. Do not posses aggressive behavior towards other dogs.

They are outgoing and friendly. They do not show excessive alertness to any strangers. But if they found something unusual they might alert you.

Nature of Siberian husky:

  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Alert

Pitbull terrier

Pitbull is an obedient and intelligent. Though it had a bad reputation about violent. But they are also friendly.

They always to be busy with something. Mostly playing with any toys or making fun with children. Become bore, when they discovered nothing to do.

They are loyal and affectionate. You can believe them after socialization.

Nature of Pitbull terrier:

  • Intelligent
  • Obedient
  • Friendly

So what you can expect?

As their parents have two things in common, friendliness and intelligence. So you can easily rely on them without hesitation.

Feeding and diet

Puppies are generally need more calories than adult one. Amount of calories distributed by body weight.

You can make a meal for them, 30 calories per pound of its body Wight. Though its not compulsory but estimated.

As they are healthy breed, so diet plan of this breed need to be matched according to their body requirement.

You should give them 2 – 3 cups of high quality dry kibble in a day, and feeding can be divided into 2 times.

Puppies need balanced diet contains protein and fat at their early life. For a healthy pooch you need to feed them dry food contains 22% to 32% protein. About fat it can be 10% to 25%.

Protein and fat distribution chart
Protein 22 – 32%
Fat 10 – 25%

Before trying any food, you should consult with your vet because they might used to feed them different food. And may be your pooch feeling comfort with it.

Cost of Pitbull husky mix

For an adorable Pitbull husky mix you need to pay ranges from $500-$1500. Sometimes you have to pay more, because breeder with location can be different and plays vital role to increase price.


Pitbull husky mix running at water

One of the parents of this breed comes with full of energy. So don’t be surprised, looking your breed needs much exercise requirement.

They love exercise like:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Playing

You should spent, one and half hour with this breed to remain healthy.

You can play with them, and also when you going to outside for jogging purpose. They can be a good companion, if you understand their need.

As long as you make them busy, they will be happy. But you when you are busy with anything make sure they are playing with any of your family member.

Your children will found them as toy as long as they are passing away early socialization. It is crucial.

On leash can be a safe side but, you can also off leash them if they fully understand our social system. If you have a big backyard, things become easy doing exercise.

You should also apply agility classes, because it is a proven method applied within breed to make them more intelligent doing things.

Training needs of Pitsky

husky mix at forest

You will be surprised knowing that, they grasp commands very fast. So training will be much easier as they always follow your command.

You should train your puppy at the time of their development period, because at that time they can be easily trained.

Most of the dog owners know that, dog response best to positive reinforcement and reward based training. You should try the same.

While trying with positive reinforcement, more likely you are going to get a positive response comparing others types of training. You may want to know more about best methods, so let’s know more about it:

  • Positive reinforcement – it’s a method of giving a goal to your breed, if successfully done, reward them food, toys etc.
  • Reward based training – giving them reward, when they did something right with positive behavior.

You can also try with reward based training. Both are beneficial and proven.

Early socialization plays vital role when your puppy growing up. Because they need to know most about pet behavior rules and obligation towards social engagement.

You should also introduce them with how to react with unknown face and how gently it should play with little kids.

Mental stimulation makes your breed mentally strong, because sometime they might feel bore and as a result unusual or destructive something may occur, so stimulate their mind while training.

Gromming and Shedding

If you have allergies with cleaning, then this breed not for yours, as pitsky are naturally moderate to heavy shedder. Having a vacuum cleaner will be a smart problem solver specially removing loses dead or damaged fur.

Double coated coat needs more frequent brushing at t least 2 or 3 times in a week, to make their coat soft and clean.

Beside this, you should brush their teeth everyday and Their ears need to checked regularly.

Sometimes they become dirty, as they are tend to move here and there, so you must bath them with shampoo properly.

You should not let their nail too long, so trimming nail would be a good idea when you have concerned about scratch and spoiling personal stuff.

All you need to go to your vet or groomer, as long as you concerned about any health issues.

Known health Problems

It’s true that, every breed must face some health related issues, so Pitbull husky mix is not an exempt. Though it’s a common idea within breeder that, crossbreed are healthier and face less health related issues then a purebred.

Sometimes they got health issues from their parents. Lets discuss about some of them:

  • Hyperthyroidism – though it rarely found within dogs, but it causes Excessive weight loss, weakness, Vomiting etc. if your pooch eat,  food or treats containing thyroid hormones.
  • Obesity – gaining over weight by extra body fat can cause this type of illness. It makes heart disease and high blood pressure and breath problem. of the dogs in united states suffers from it, approx more than 50% of dogs.
  • Allergies – it’s a common symptom within dog breed, it can cause coughing, sneezing and wheezing. Mostly it refers with food allergies. It also common within human.
  • Hip Dysplasia – painful, and related with your breed’s hip joint. It can decrease of their activity level, though not fatal disease.

It is natural become sick, so when you found something wrong with their body or movement, contact immediately with your vet or breeder.


This beautiful, short legged puppy must be going to take your attention. Your family will find them good pet to play.

Gentle and affectionate, definitely going to make you smile. Your children also found them naughty, that’s why kids are fall in love watching it.

Applying positive reinforcement will be a good thing when they are passing awey their childhood. If trained properly, pitsky must going to take over important role within your family.

Just need to take care properly and if you found something wrong with their behavior, do not punish them.

We hope you have a nice journey knowing about them. we are waiting to hear something, if you have any story with it, let us know by our comment section below. Thank you.

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