German Shepherd with Blue Eyes? Natural or Fault

German Shepherd is a famous and recognized dog breed in the world, generally found with brown eyes, though you may found some German Shepherd with blue Eyes which is uncommon and rare.

They are muscular and intelligent, the weigh ranges from 50 to 80 lbs, they are comparatively stronger than any other dog in the world.

Apparently, male are stronger than female and also size. They can come up with different colors, but most probably you will found a German Shepherd with black and grey color.

Sometimes you may found German Shepherd with Blue Eyes, that’s why question arrived that, does a German Shepherd can have blue eyes naturally?

Let’s get to the point about Blue Eyes German Shepherds and what is the reason being so.

You will found most common and best known German Shepherd color is black and tan, it can also be black and rate or black and silver.

Sometimes you will found solid colors like white gray black etc.

Can German Shepherd have blue eyes?


Yes German Shepherd can have blue eyes, though it is uncommon and rare.

If you research for German Shepherd, you will found that vast majority of German Shepherd will have brown eyes.

Some of them can have blue eyes because of being recessive gene, for this reason they have to in heat the journey from both of its parents.

Blue eyes German Shepherd naturally have to Blue Eyes, or it can be odd-eyed E with one blue eye and another one eye is brown.

But if they have odd Eyes, this are called heterochromia, basically heterochromia is the terms which is used to describe difference between eye colors.

Some dog owner’s thing that having Blue Eye for German Shepherd is joyful and appealing, but breeders identify this blue colors what is a fault for German Shepherd because a German Shepherd can have this type of eye color.

AKC do not accept any German Shepherd with Blue Eyes, they say German Shepherd can’t have blue eyes naturally.

What is a blue German Shepherd?


When a people are saying about you German Shepherd, they are saying about their eyes color not there quote, which is caused by a recessive gene.

Hence, some people are talking about their coat color, which also causes for dilutes black pigment, that’s why there fur look like silver-gray or blue-gray instead of being black.

Sometimes blue German Shepherds are described as powder blue or steel blue.

there ancient parents had formerly dark grey fur as Natural, but in some cases found that some of them having their fur so dark that people sometimes think them as black German Shepherds.

Powder blue German Shepherd can have their color a little bit lighter.

Blue German Shepherd does not mean, their coat color will be always blue. it means it can be blue with tan or blue with black, sometimes you may found blue and sable also, which is called dark brown.

Blue German Shepherds eye color diluted more or less, so we have yellow, light brown or light green or it can be Blue Eyes instead of having their natural dark brown eyes.

Basically German Shepherds eyes got changed to adult color at the time when they are 6th month of their age.

In addition, blue German Shepherd nose and foot pads will also be paler rather than being usual.

While Blue German Shepherds appear in litters, can have more expected tan and black pups.

Sometimes blue color can appear as a normal variation; hence it is considered as a fault both the breeders and also the organization like AKC.

So you will found that blue German Shepherds can’t participate any Dog Show because of not fulfilling proper breed standards, but they can also take a part in agility competitions and also similar type events.

Does German Shepherd can have blue eyes?


Sometimes it can be and sometimes it can be intentionally by breeders to produce individual German Shepherd with Blue Eyes.

If a German Shepherd puppies are born with Blue Eyes, their eyes color will remain blue while they become mature.

You may found a German Shepherd mix inherit Blue Eyes from any pure breed German Shepherd parent or it can be non Shepherd parent having Blue Eyes.

As like, when a German Shepherd mixed with Siberian Husky, there will be possibility to get Blue Eyes after mate.

Because Siberian Husky have appealing Blue Eyes, so you can expect the cross can inherit Blue Eyes from their Husky parent.

Having Blue Eyes is a problem or not

In a General way, you will not found any difference regarding health, within Blue eyed German Shepherds or brown eyed. Because eyes don’t matter become healthy for this breed.

But sometimes you may found some incident which is uncommon and unfortunate happening.

Merle gene can play important role

Merle is a genetic pattern that can play important role to make color variation. it also affect all coat colors.

Naturally, Merle gene produces color of mottled patches in a piebald or solid coat. It can be blue or odd-colored Eyes, and it can affect skin pigment as well.

Dogs that inherit the Merle gene from both of their parents often found birth defects like blind, deaf, and so on.

But mating with two different types of Merle gene considered as inhumanity,  and somewhere it is strictly forbidden to produce like that.

Surprisingly it is a good news that, German Shepherd name is not in the list who can have Merle gene.

In other expect, a German Shepherd can have the Merle gene, if it has one of its parent from non Shepherd who contains Merle gene as well.

Within this breed list may include Border collie, Australian Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog or Great Dane.

Is it possible to an Albino Shepherd with Blue Eyes?

Yes, it can be found but, within dog breed which is rarely found. This is because due to complete lake of pigment within dogs, skin, eyes and also fur.

Albinism is a congenital disorder, which are common within human but not in dog breed.

If a dog contains albino, they will not only have pure white fur but also their skin around the body and also nose and eyes will be very pale pink in color.

Their eyes could be very pale blue and can have some pigment; there will be no pigment but apparently it look like pink colored.

Generally you can say, albinism is one kinds of disease, and that’s why a color pink is come due to blood flowing beneath the skin.

but if a dog still have albino, they are occasionally found healthy but very much sensitive to light, possibility to suffer skin cancer and also vulnerable to sun heat.

Is that mean white German Shepherd suffering from albino?

No, it is not, because White German Shepherd is other kinds of German Shepherd breed who have Pure White coat or it can be mixed.

This is because, different types of genes are playing important role to make this types of coat.

After passing away long time, it is still a mystery the Genetics of German Shepherd but it is assumed that, specific types of gene are responsible which determines whether the coat will be white coated or any.

These types of gene can have two alleles, or you can say two versions one is white and another is non-white, where white is assumed recessive, so a puppy who have this types of gene, might inherit the trait from both of its parents.

One big dissimilarity between albinos and white German Shepherd is, the gene for albinism affects eyes, skin and also the coat, but on the other hand, a white or non white gene effects only coat color, not entirely body.

But albinos will not affect eye color, that’s why you will found most German Shepherd will have their usual dark brown eyes.

Sum up

So the eyes, which we found within German Shepherd as blue is not natural but responsible for recessive gene.

You need to understand that, Blue Eyes color for German Shepherd is not natural, because a German Shepherd usually comes out with Brown eyes.

That’s why you do not need to expect a blue color eyes from German Shepherd. The color which you found Blue, because of several eye conditions or fault.

For example, Cataracts cause the lens of the eye to become cloudy and apparently and look like hazy blue.

Besides this, a disease called glaucoma can make eyes cloudy blue which is a fault, and if these conditions are not properly cured, it can cause blindness.

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