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Looking for a best companion, German shepherd lab mix might be a smart choice. Commonly known as Sheprador. It is one the most popular breed which not only makes you playing with it but also show you unlimited amount of love.

It’s a cross between two intelligent purebred, German shepherd and Labrador retriever.

Both of them extremely popular in the world. Their playful attitude with human friendly activities will make you, dream to have your own one. So why are you waiting for? Go get it.

Your family also loves them by their activity, as they are proven loyal and funny. May be you need to know more info about it. Let’s go with us by reading our complete guide …

Summery table of German shepherd Lab mix

German Shepherd Lab mix important information
Commonly known as Sheprador
Lifetime 10 – 12 years
Height 22 to 26” (male) or 21 to 24” (female)
Weight 50 – 95 lbs (male) and 40 – 70 lbs (female)
Appearance Medium to large
Color Tan, sandy, brown and black
Coat Long, thick double coat
Breed type Mixed
Temperament Intelligent, playful, energetic and loyal
Main health problems Allergies, Hip and elbow dysplasia
Food Two to three cups of high quality dry kibble per day
Cost 200$ – 800$
Daily exercise 60 – 120 minutes each day

German shepherd Lab mix Overview

German shepherd at forest

German shepherd lab mix

The German shepherd lab mix is extremely popular within USA region. You will be surprised knowing that, German shepherd ranked two (2) at American kennel club. Whereas, Labrador retriever got number one.

Ranking factor within AKC (American kennel club)
German shepherd 2
Labrador retriever 1

In spite of being ranked, their mix not recognized by AKC, because AKC provide registration if it seems to be pure breed, otherwise not.

However DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.) and IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry) registered them as breed. People also call them as:

  • Labrashepherd
  • Sheprador

Both of them classified into separate group, German shepherd within herding group, on the other hand, Labrador retriever classified within sporting group.

Group classification of German Shepherd Lab mix
German shepherd Herding group
Labrador retriever Sporting group

In spite of placing themselves within different group, both of them are loyal, energetic and intelligent.

If you successfully combined both of these breed, definitely you might end up with a good result which is, German shepherd lab mix.

If you look at each litter size, you will see vary in size, depending on domination in appearance. Though most of the time ranges from six to ten puppies on average.

But it is still a mystery who and when mixed them for the first time. If we know about their parents, might help to guess more about this breed.

German shepherd

Captain Max von Stephanitz, A German dog breeder, first discovered it in Germany. Max first time watches this breed within a dog show.

It was a attention seeker by its wolf like appearance, having an eye catching color.

Von Stephanitz, after bought, registered these breed with a name, Horand von Grafrath. That’s why All German shepherd are said, descendent from Horand von Grafrath. Some characteristics of this breed:

  • Confident
  • aggressive
  • Smart
  • Intelligent

There body type could be:

  • Longer than tall
  • Athlete typed

Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever, commonly known as lab, is a traditional waterdog of Newfoundland, became popular in the early 1800s. Though The Kennel Club (England) recognized them later, in 1903.

Labrador retriever at snow

AKC (American kennel club) registered them first dog of the breed in 1917, and refined and standardized in 19th century, by British breeders.

In addition, Labs topped at AKC for the first time in 1991.

They are strongly built, medium sized and family friendly breed. The most distinguishing feature of the Lab is:

  • Medium
  • Dense coat
  • Weather resistant coat.

German shepherd Lab mix Appearance

German shepherd lab mix

If we look at the appearance of German shepherd lab mix, basically it can be mixed. May be resembled either the German shepherd or Labrador.

German shepherd lab mix appearance chart
Height 22-25 inches
Weight 50-85 pounds

If you look at their outlook, you will find apparently different from one to another. It can be German shepherd or Labrador retriever or vice versa, but you can always expect short, double coat with bold figure.

It’s a medium to large sized breed, if once matured, Height ranges from 22-25” inches, and weight can be 50-85 pounds. Generally, Females are found less weight comparing with male.

German shepherd lab mix running into water

Their ears can be soft and drooping like Labrador or it can also be short, pointed ears like German shepherd.

Color variations can be very, ranges from black to brown, it can also be sandy.

it is impossible to predict which color going to take place as dominant, but it can be assume that 90% time going to receive color from any of their parents. But you should always expect, athlete typed figure with dense coat.

German shepherd Labrador mix Personality and Temperament

German shepherd lab mix

About GSDs, impossible to predict personality and temperament. But as this is a cross breed, we need to understand temperament of its parents to know more about upcoming result.

We have known before while reading that, German shepherd is smart, intelligent and aggressive, on the other hand, Labrador is energetic and obedient.

That is to say, your mixed breed may come out with mixed characteristics. May be German shepherd or Labrador retriever. It can also be vice versa.

Please don’t worry by knowing about aggressive nature of GSDs. If you socialized them properly and give them proper stimulation, it can be a good friend of you.

You children can also play with them. Because they love to play with any ages. If you keep them lonely for a longer period of time, they might end up with barking with unusual activity.

Our recommendation is, don’t feel them alone. If you need to go outside for a long time, hire a daycare or somehow make them busy with.  

Most of the time your mixed breed temperament depends on how you care them by training, exercise with behavior. So its up to you.

However, it’s a general expect that, they are going to be:

  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Active

Are German shepherd Lab mix good dogs?

Yes it is. It’s a family friendly pet, loves to play with children. If you care them properly, they can be a loyal companion of you.

Feeding and diet Requirements

shepherd looking forward

German shepherd lab mix

Before knowing about their diet plan, you should know about its type. Because, both of their parents are carnivore. Means, This type of breed love meat.

Meat contains more protein comparing with similar typed substances.

Protein plays a vital role making healthy body of this breed when they are under development phase.

Protein makes your breed stronger, and amount of protein requirement can be vary, depends on their age, sex, and weight.

Female are generally need lower amount of food comparing male. Because female tend to have less weight than male.

Generally a healthy adult pooch needs high quality of food contains 24% protein with 8% fat.

You can feed 3 types of food:

  • Fresh
  • Canned food
  • Dry

Beware of feeding cheap typed food, as it contains filler ingredients (corn syrup), which can be harmful for your breed.

 As though, we are discussing about food, question arrives about their feeding time.

You should feed an adult breed, two to three high quality dry kibbles per day and feeding time can be split into 2 times a day, quantity depends on weight.

Because a puppy need less calorie than an adult. Generally, an active adult require 30 calories multiply with its body weight.

Type Weight Calorie requirement
Male 40 – 90lbs 1400 – 2800 calories
Female 30 – 50lbs 1000 – 1500 calories

Do not feed them excessively, it may over weigh them. We recommend, after losing all of its energy by exercise, training or playing you should give them food. Because they just love food.

Cost of German shepherd lab mix

You can buy a German shepherd lab mix within 200$ to 800$. Cost can be very, depends on their parent’s location. It also depends on breeder.

How to exercise a Sheprador

mDoctor says, Exercise makes your body feet and healthy, same rule works goes into your pooch. Being a large and active breed, they need to be well exercised. You should make your aim to exercise them at least 1 hour per day.

 Before exercising, you also keep in mind that, how long your pooch need to be exercised, depends on their development phase because, puppies are generally tend to have more energy than adult one.

We all know, every puppy is different by nature. So you have to stay with them longer time to know how much exercise they need to keep them happy.

If you have a backyard, it is half done. Because they need large amount of space for exercise. You can try with some effective method as like:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Playing

Beside this, you can also try with any mentally simulating games to keep them busy.

But when exercising, you should keep in mind that, excessive exercise may end up with bad result. It can be:

  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Destructive behavior

Best thing will be, make a consultation with your vet to know appropriate activity of your canine because, your puppy may come up with bad medical condition such as hip dysplasia or heart or respiratory issues.

Training a German Shepherd Lab Mix

German shepherd lab mix running

German shepherd lab mix

Are you thinking about how to train them? Depends on your desire. Because, German shepherd lab mix is a intelligent breed, what you want, let them introduced with it before result.

Don’t worry! They are eagerly waiting to please you. Let them understand what you want from them to do.

Training at the time of their childhood apprised by mentors. Because, when they are passing through their childhood, can grasp much faster than being adult.

Do not try with dominance based training. Because it may spoil basic nature of your pooch, most of the times mislead them.

You can start with positive reinforcement training. When they seem to be familiar with tour commands, praise them with food or toys.

You can also try with clicker training. It makes your puppy familiar with certain type of sound to response fast with accuracy.

Always try to do something, that can mentally stimulate them. Keep them busy with playing otherwise, they might feel bore.

Beside this, early socialization is the important key which makes a good mental model of your breed.

When they are going through development phase, keep them familiar with our social system. Introduce them what type of task our social system like and also what type of thing we dislike.

Passing quality time with playing and making fun with them makes your puppy well behaved to your family and children.

Is it easy to train a German shepherd lab mix?

Yes, they are easy to train, as you understand them well and apply positive reinforcement; you will find, eagerly waiting to please you.

Known health issues

Every mixed breed grows up with some health related issues. German shepherd lab mix is not exempt. Most of the time, health issues are come from their parents.

So let’s know some of its parents health issues, it might help you to know more about upcoming health related problems.

German shepherd

  • Degenerative myelopathy – disease of mature aged breed, related with spinal cord. Though it’s not a painful disease.
  • Elbow and hip dysplasia – it is a common disease within this breed, also within mature group, affects hip joint and elbow. It is painful disease and decrease activity of your breed.
  • Bloat – serious type disease, if carried by any pooch, becomes too weak that you might need to carry them unto hospital.

Labrador retriever

  • heart disorders – though it is unfortunate, but it is tolerable to your breed. causes abnormal development of their heart.
  • hereditary myopathy – makes their muscle so weak that they might need walking aid to move on.

By knowing health issues of their parents above, we can expect that, what kinds of health issues your mix might face.

Whatever the condition, if you found something abnormal, consult with your vet immediately.


So we have known that, it is a intelligent and active breed. It is loyal and energetic.

It is a smart family friendly pet. If you train them properly, they can be a best companion of you. You just fall in love with it.

Your children might wait to have such kinds of playful breed, as this breed tends to love playing with children. 

Throughout the journey, we hope, you have enjoyed much knowing about this breed.

So how about your impression knowing this breed? share your opinion by writing into our comment section below …   

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