German shepherd husky mix | Breed Facts & Temperament

What about you’re feeling, if you have your own wolf to play with. German shepherd husky mix is the dog breed, replacing appearance of your dog into wolf.

Intelligence and friendliness, makes itself to be a part of our social system which will indicate, our passion how much works about dog.

As this name suggest, German shepherd husky mix is a cross between two purebred dogs, German shepherd and Siberian husky.

Its also bold & loyal, which will force you to consider itself as guard dog, will protect your family with children as well.

Commonly We know this mixed breed as Gerberian Shepsky. An average estimate about male height will be 40 to 65lb, and about female, it takes 30 to 50lb as well.

Are you feeling to have your own Shepsky?

As you reading till now, we hope, you have interest to know all its important details. Let’s go …

History of German shepherd husky mix

As this name suggest, German shepherd first originated in western Germany in 1899.

Captain Max von Stephanitz, a German dog breeder, first discovered this breed in a dog show in Karlsruhe, located in Germany.

German shepherd

This canine type breed was so much attention seeker by their wolf like appearance with color. von Stephanitz  became surprised and decided to purchase it.

And then, He registered this breed as German shepherd dog with a name, Horand von Grafrath.

Pedigree German Shepherds are said to be descended from Horand von Grafrath.

On the other hand, Siberian husky originated by Chukchi people in Chukchi Peninsula, located in eastern Siberia.

We do not find any specific and authentic year entry of this breed, but it’s about 1000 years ago. Chukchi people used this breed for sled pulling.

It is a medium-sized working dog breed, belongs to the Spitz genetic family. This breed became famous after win a sled race in Alaska.

German shepherd husky mix brief
Lifetime 10 – 14 years
Height 20 25 inches
Weight 40 – 80lbs
Commonly known as Gerberian Shepsky
Color and coat Blue, brown, black, single or double coated
Temperament Intelligent, loyal, bold
Feeding and diet 2- 3 cup high quality dry kibble
Known health issues Epilepsy, Hip and elbow dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Cataracts
Exercise requirements 2 hours exercise per day


Gerberian Shepsky looking forward

German Shepherd Husky Mix is a friendly breed. its not only bold, but also robust.

This loyal breed is perfect as a guard dog for your family. it also can play with your children it properly socialized.

This breed is intelligent enough to learn anything quickly. They will definitely follow your command and make yourself proud.

As we all know, Temperament of Every cross breed is unpredictable before reaching certain stage of its lifetime.

But, it can be assumed that, mixed breed must have similar trait as their parents belongs to. May be any gene of their parents could take place as dominant.

Their unyielding attitude with bossy mode makes themselves true Alfa dog.

Basically dogs with highly sensitive mentality with independent thinking seem to be harder for a first-time dog owner.

If you socialize them at their early stage, you can keep them with other pet easily. It can also be a good companion of your family.

Some people might assume that, it is an aggressive breed because of its use in military purpose or police force. But it is wrong.

They just cautious with strangers and react fast to unusual activity.

Dogs that have grown inside a home with people around, more likely feels more comfortable with humans and can be able to makes bond more easily.

If you want to share your home with a double coated dog, you’ll need to deal previously with some level of dog fur on your clothes, and also in your house.

Appearance of German shepherd husky mix

German shepherd husky mix at river side

Basically it’s quite difficult to know how it will look like at the time of their growing stage, because of being mixed breed. But it is expected that, they will get mixed appearance of their parents.

Both of them are eye catching and powerful, beside this, almond shaped eyes with erect ears makes them quite different comparing others.

One of its parents, husky , average lifespan 12 to 14 years, have wolf alike look so you can expect your mixed mostly going to take this trait.

If you go through size of its parents, you will see German shepherd is large or giant typed, whereas husky found relatively medium in size. But both breeds are splendid and athlete typed.

You might have seen within people, they want a mix with attractive eyes. As like blue or green, though it is natural.

They are double coated, because in ancient period husky tends to grow up at colder climate, So that they can live easily. Basically, nature has given this special coat for survive.

When we talk about their size, Generally a male huskies size is bigger than a female husky. Male are found 20 to 25 inches in height and weight about 45 to 60lbs.

Whereas, female husky are found relatively smaller, 20 to 22 inches in height and weight is 35 to 55 inches.

Now get into German shepherd, large in size, you can expect a male approx 60 to 90lbs, and about female, 45 to 70lbs as usual.

One drawback of German shepherd is less lifetime, it’s about 7 to 10 years.

Whatever breeds type, all dogs have strong jaws with sharp teeth, and may be able to bite in stressful circumstances.

Overall you can expect, whatever their size, they will be bold and attractive.

Feeding and diet

Being a large breed requires high amount of calories to live. Beside this they are also carnivore, So their diet plan should be matched accordingly. However, amount of calories need to be different by size and age.

Gerberian Shepsky

You need to give them meal containing high amount of protein and fat. Because protein gives them energy and makes them strong.

Puppies are generally need more calories than an adult; because at the time of their growing stage body need much calories to develop body structure and skeleton development.

While choosing food, try best to select omega-3, protein and fat enriched food.

It would be good to feed them, per day 2 to 3 cup of high quality dry kibble, dividing into 2 meals, to make them fit and stronger.

You should not give them any filler ingredients as like corn syrup, as It contains many harmful ingredients, may spoil natural growth of your pooch.

While feeding, do not try to feed them excessive food stuff, otherwise your puppy may gain over weight instead of being healthy.

How Much cost for a German Shepherd Husky Mix?

Cost of a German Shepherd Husky mix will ranges from cost $400 to $1300 dollars depending on the breeder with location.

Grooming and shedding

As they are double coated, need proper maintenance to make their coat shiny and smooth.

You need to brush their coat 2 to 3 times within a week to remove dead fur. If you have a vacuum cleaner, things become easy removing fur.

Some dogs might shed all the year round; whereas, some breeds blow up seasonally or it can be vice versa.

Shepsky need to be brushed every day, if you haven’t any, try to buy one. You should also clean their ear to avoid unnecessary disease.

Beside this, you need to bath them while necessary because, sometimes they become dirty after playing outside.

Dog’s passes away lots of time playing with others dogs at their early life or lived with their littermates or parents at least 6 weeks; seem to have good social skills as well.

How to train Gerberian Shepsky

Siberian husky at snow

Gerberian Shepsky born to become pack leader, because parents of this breed are intelligent enough to become a leader, and had a significant role within pack group.

Sometimes they may found them stubborn. But it’s not a big problem; you need to train them properly at their early stage.

You should keep in mind that, Any types of dog can be good with children based not only their past experiences but also proper training method on, how to get along with kids.

If we talk about best training method to apply, positive reinforcement comes first, because it’s proven and effective. Applying this method, you will get high response rate with Shepsky.

So what is positive reinforcement? Our brief answer is, it’s a method of giving reward while your puppy correctly understand you command and does the same.

Sometimes you may found, they do not following your command, don’t punish them, give them chance once again. You should keep in mind that, punishing them may affect badly as like excessive barking or chewing etc.

Whenever they follow your order, give them a treat, it can be food or toys. Mostly Shepsky loves food. But be alert giving them excessive food, because near future it might be a reason to be overweight.

At the time of training, you should keep in mind that, this breed itself an active breed so a lot of mental stimulation they need for their mental health, otherwise they might become bored.

You can try with fetch game or brain game, to make their brain smarter and intelligent, though Shepsky born with intelligence.

You also need to train them for behavior reason; sometimes they might react badly with unknown face or another type of pets.

Whatever the method, they are always eager to make you happy, so treat them as your good friend.


Though Gerberian Shepsky is healthy, athlete typed body, hence need proper exercise to make their body remain strong. You are suggested to exercise them at least 2 hours per day.

If you have a backyard to exercise your puppy, will make your job easier, because of being large shaped.

Sometimes a backyard is not enough for Shepsky, you can apply with many games or movements like:

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Hiking

Whatever you try need to be matched with its size and age, sometimes too much exercise does badly instead of doing good.

Known health Problems

In spite of healthy breed, they sometime suffer with serious health problem, though it is assumed that mixed breed suffers less health issues than their parents.

Here we are stating some of the common health issues that Shepsky may suffer:

  • Epilepsy – it’s a common neurological disorder within dogs. In most cases your dog will suffer entire lifetime. it is assume that, 0.75% of all breed in the world suffers from it, and Most of the time it cannot be cured.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia – extreme typed and painful, causes abnormal development of hip joint functions and , Improper nutrition are blamed for this disease.
  • Patellar Luxation – common problem within small sized dogs, can cause cartilage damage, inflammation and pain.
  • Cataracts – serious typed disease, affects on eye, breed suffer from it can have blurry vision. It can cause permanent blindness.

It is natural to be sick, but you should properly care of your breed by exercising, playing as a good companion as well.


German shepherd and husky mix is loyal and intelligent, they are always ready to please you by their activities and play.

You can get your best match if you take your dog-owning experience into account at the time of choosing your new puppy.

Treat them as a funny family member. Care them properly and praise them.

They will love back while you love them so, don’t be panic maintaining them. Understand them and don’t leave them alone.

Proper training makes them social, so try with various training that suits best. Sometimes it might be difficult. But after a certain time you will feel that, your efforts don’t gone in vain.

This mixed breed must fall in love with you and your family. keep them playing with child after proper socialization.

If you want to own a Shepsky, you should consider, do you have the time and patience for a dog that needs a lot of grooming? or do you have enough money  to pay someone else to do it for yourself.

So what’s next? Let us know any of your previous experience, as we are eagerly waiting to listen something from you, lets share something to us at our comment section below… 

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