German shepherd Golden retriever mix | Guide and Overview

Are you passionate about having an intelligent and loyal dog? It’s not a problem now days. The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is the breed which not only fulfills your desire but also makes you proud.

It’s a mixed breed, come out from two popular purebred, one is German shepherd and another is Golden retriever.

You will be surprised knowing that, both of them are extremely popular in USA.

It’s a playful breed, human friendly and energetic. That’s why you can decide to make it as companion of your family. Don’t worry, its loyal.

 People call this mixed breed as Golden shepherd or Golden German shepherd.

Feeling desire to know more about it, let’s go …

What is a German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix? (Overview)

German shepherd golden retriever at forest

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is not new to us, been popular since a decade ago. Their popularity still increasing.

We have already said, it’s a cross breed between purebred German shepherd, with Golden retriever.

If both breed successfully combined, you can expect to have bright and intelligent mixed breed, keen to please you as well.

Being a successful mixed breed, loved by many, still not registered with any kennel club. However, International Designer Canine Registry, register them as new breed.

But it is still a mystery about its mixed time; I mean who or when have tried to mix them.

But, as this is a mixed breed, we can have a rough idea knowing more about its parents.

Summery table of German shepherd golden retriever mix

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix important information
Commonly known as Golden shepherd, Golden German shepherd
Lifetime 10 – 14 years
Height 20 – 25 inchs
Weight 45 – 75 pounds
Appearance Medium to large
Color Black, brown, golden, dark golden, white, Black and tan
Coat Long, thick double coat
Breed type Mixed
Temperament Intelligent, loyal, energetic
Main health problems Allergies, Hip and elbow dysplasia
Food two and a half cups of kibble a day
Cost 500$ – 900$ dollars

German shepherd

A German dog breeder, name Captain Max von Stephanitz, first discovered it within a dog show in Germany.

This breed got attention by it wolf like appearance, having an eye catching color. Von Stephanitz bought it and decides to register with a name, Horand von Grafrath.

All German shepherd are said, descendant from Horand von Grafrath.

Golden retriever

Golden retriever first breed in Scotland, at mid-19th century, developed near Glen Affric areas of Scotland.

Golden retriever at forest

it’s a medium sized lovely and intelligent dog, registered by AKC within sporting group. Famous for their dense and lustrous gold like coat.

Some people also assume that, Golden retriever originated from the now-extinct Russian tracker dog. But it’s still a myth.

However, you can assume to get mixed characteristics of both breed, as both of these breeds are intelligent and healthy as well.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Appearance

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, apparently different one to another. It can be German shepherd or Golden retriever or vice versa, but you can always expect having long and thick coat.

It’s a large sized dog with great height, ranging 20-25” about height, and weight can be 45-75 pounds.

golden retriever walking into lake side

One thing you should expect from them, shedding all the year around, with big blowouts in spring and fall.

You should also expect that, it can have a straight black and thick chest with muscular legs. And about their face, it can be German shepherd or Golden retriever.

If we look at their color combination, most of the cases it can be mixed. May be any one of them get dominant in color.

How much big can be a German shepherd golden retriever mix ?

A female breed can be 22 to 24 inch’s, whereas a male can be 20 to 25 inch’s about height.

Personality and Temperament of Golden German shepherd

Regarding temperament, about any cross breed, nearly impossible to predict. Because, they are going to receive any of its parents traits. So, we cannot tell the probability of dominant gene.

We can assume that, May be German shepherd, or Golden retriever.  

But, if we move forward, knowing about its parent’s temperament. Hope we can get brief idea about possibility.

German shepherd

German shepherd is a popular intelligent breed, having much more energy.

They are obedient to its owner. Their defensive attitude makes themselves to select as military dog, also used to assist police.

 Early socialization is the key to prevent them from aggression, because sometimes they react unusual way, as like excessive barking to unknown.

Some people assume that, they are grim, but it is not true; they just cautious with strangers. They are always alert monitoring unusual activity.

Are German shepherds good with kids?

Yes it is, it’s a playful breed, eagerly wait to play with kids after applying early socialization.

Golden retriever

Friendly attitude makes Golden retriever to identify as lovely dog. They are also intelligent and loyal. Due to friendliness, it’s been used as service dog to our society.

Trustworthy and easy to train. If properly socialize, it can make a pleasant approach to your life.

After reading both of these breeds temperament, we can assume that, German shepherd golden retriever mix is a intelligent and loyal breed. They are also diligent, and that’s why, they can be a great companion of people.

One drawback we have found that, you cannot keep them alone. It is because they are playful breed, always love to play with.

If you keep them alone for a longer period of time, it can occur unusual activity like excessive barking, or chewing. You are requested to provide them a dog walker while you are going outside from home for a longer period of time.

In addition, we have also found that they reacts fast and will always alert you if found something not to be happen.

We recommend, if you have not previous knowledge experiencing large breed like that, it will not perfect for you. If you know its nature and need, you can select them as a member of your family.

How To Train German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

German shepherd golden retriever mix

As it is a intelligent breed, you will found themselves pleasant feeling about training. You will found, they are eagerly waiting to be trained.

We suggest one method that you can approach, positive reinforcement training.

Though it is a common method applied within most breeds, makes a positive impact towards training session.

Positive reinforcement is a method, where breeds are rewarded after completion any provided task. As like, you order them to do something, if they complete the task, reward them by toys or foods.

Please do not punish them if they failed to do. Always praise them.

Research shows that, they become more confident doing things approaching this method. They learn quickly and efficiently as well.

They love to be trained, so you should always keep them busy with it otherwise, they might become bored with loneliness.

You can also apply fetch game, though most of it uses can decrease most of its energy. But it makes your breed faster to react.

There is another game that makes your dog more intelligent, it is brain game. It makes their brain busy doing intelligent things. 

How to Care a German shepherd Golden retriever mix

You have already known that, it’s an active breed. That’s why need proper exercise and quality food. Grooming and shedding also need to be taken seriously.

Let’s get into details about how to care of this breed.

Exercise Requirements

golden retriever looking to you

To keep this breed active, you need to exercise them 1 hour per day regularly. If you found more energetic comparing with others breed, you may consider increasing its exercise time.

You can include more activities like training session or game with exercise.

If you have a backyard, you will find more excitement exercising them. Because they need more place to play with.

 May be you like hiking. Don’t worry; you can keep them with you.

You can also play with fly ball game with them. Always keep in mind that, they are always eager to do something, if you allow them to do.

You can off leash them if you want. But you need to be aware that, they understand your recall and given you positive feedback from its past story.

How much Cost for golden retriever German shepherd mix?

A Golden shepherd mix cost can be 500$ to 900$, depends on breeder location.

Grooming and Shedding

The German shepherd Golden retriever mix is a medium to large breed, having double coat. They need to be brushed their coat every day.

You need to have a de-shedding brush to clear their coat. A dog groomer can also be hired as well.

Frequent brushing can help you scattering dead hair throughout your hose and furniture. It will make your house clean.

Otherwise you may face, densely scattering clumps of fur issue.

It is also important to trim or grind their nail once in every month. Otherwise, overly long nails can cause pain and structural issues.

Beside this, their teeth need to be brushed every day, and all their vaccinations need to be properly taken.

Feeding and Diet

Being a large breed, they require high quality food, which meet proper nutritional requirements.

As a puppy, you can give them their meal 4 times in a day, after reaching adulthood it can be decreased, 2 times a day.

An adult breed will require two and a half cups of high quality kibble in a day.

By maintaining this guideline, your dog can be relief from bloat issue.

You are suggested to feed same food as the breeder fed them at the time of its childhood. Risk of upsetting their stomach can be relief doing it.

When a puppy becomes adult from its childhood, food habit can be change gradually.

Generally, a German shepherd golden retriever mix reaches its adulthood within 18 to 24 month.

You should keep in mind that, they always require high quality food, proportionately mixed fat with protein, and same rule goes into vitamin and mineral supplements.

You can also feed them small quantities of yogurt, cooked vegetables, or eggs.

However it is strongly recommended, always discuss with your vet before applying any food, otherwise it can be harmful instead of doing good. 


A German shepherd golden retriever mix cost can range from 500$ to 900$, depends on breeder and pedigree.

Known Health Problems

Every living breed in the world must face some health issue during its lifetime. Dog is not out of them.

We can try to give you a brief idea regarding health issue already prevalent within this breed. in many cases, related to inherited from its parents.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia – it’s a multifactorial disease, commonly affect large and giant breeds of dogs, related to abnormal joint structure.
  • Allergies – symptoms of dog allergies can be various in types as like:
    1. coughing and wheezing
    2. red, itchy eyes
    3. runny, itchy, stuffy nose
    4. sneezing
  • Hyperthyroidism – thyroid hormone related problem, causes your dog’s metabolism to slow.
  • Degenerative myelopathy – it is a progressive disease of the spinal cord, though it common mostly within German shepherd dogs.
  • Hemangiosarcoma – common type cancer in dog, it occurs more commonly in middle aged or elderly dogs.


Throughout the journey we have seen, it is an intelligent large breed, come from two popular pure breed.

You will be always surprised by its easy going nature. They are always looking eagerly to you for indication mixed with love.

So when you buy a Golden Retriever Golden Shepherd mix from a breeder. It is strongly recommended to buy it from a reputable breeder.

Therefore it would be so nice of you getting a golden shepherd, that’s makes you feel comfort staying with your family and children.

We hope you are feeling a little bit passionate after reading this article. Let’s share your feeling into our comment section below …

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