How German Shepherd React to Baby?

German Shepherd is one of the popular dog breed in the world, not only Confident and Smart but also Courageous but how about to baby?

They are so much popular that ranks 2 out of 196 popularity levels within AKC.  This breed are considered as an all purpose worker.

They are very much loyal and protective of their family members.

Though this breed is popular in the world but it doesn’t mean they are safe for all kinds of people especially for baby.

Sometimes there very much protective nature make them liability and sometimes an asset.

Before considering this breed how much safe for babies we need to know some important factors that can influence the nature of a dog towards baby.

Each German Shepherd are unique by nature


Every living being in the world are unique by nature so as to dog.

When a new baby come in front of a dog it is quite impossible to predict how it will react watching the baby for the first time.

Because every breed is unique and got some traits from its parents so you cannot say how it will react but if you know about its Parents you can have an idea about how it could be or at least you can guess.

 Don’t be afraid of it, because it can be changed gradually with proper socialization within appropriate timeframe.

Training level is so high

The best features of this breed are, they are highly trainable that’s why if you train them properly they will react what you have trained.

You need to train them how to interact with babies properly and how to react with babies by an accepted manner.

But you need to supervise them while interacting with babies at least couple of months so that you can watch their reaction towards babies closely.

Kind enough being a loyal breed to babies


This breed itself very much loyal to its owners and same as to family members.

If you socialized them around a baby, they will be smart enough to protect a baby from any kinds of threats.

They will be kind enough to obey your order and always feel the urge protecting babies if you train them to protect whatever the situation is.

You can save your baby from any kinds of aggressive animals or something which is unusual. That is to say, you will get so much which they have understood from their level of understanding.

New kids may face jealousy issues

German Shepherd are always eager to please its owners so if they found someone closer to its owners they might become jealous.

They treat baby as competitor and acts accordingly but if you introduce a baby from the very fast introduction, they will accept it.

Otherwise they might feel, they are losing their attention from its owners and in return they might behave roughly or can show unusual attitude to that babies.

So after introducing with baby you need to supervise them until you can confirm yourself that they are not going to make any unnecessary problem at all.

Need to establish higher authority


Always you need to try to make a higher authority, because you need to show them you learn them well and whatever you do something for them it will be good.

It’s worth mentioning that, as puppies they usually used to teething so you need to establish a higher authority order, so that whenever they want to bite something they always will follow your instruction properly.

You need to know that, this breed contains Sharp teeth so if you train them poorly, they can bite something which is painful or destructive or may be vice versa.

Affectionate which children when gentle mood

This breed is one of the loving and gentle dogs in the world. They have full of affection and love to a baby when known each other.

Sometimes you will found, kids are playing with them by grabbing their tails and throwing stuff towards them, hence they keep quiet and gently work away.

If they love a baby from the core of their heart, they always will be attached with this baby to their entire lifetime.

 But you still need to supervise closely until you confirm everything will be appropriate without any hazard.

Obedience training from their very first as puppies

In some area, the nickname of these breed is land shark. Because they bite a lot which means this breed used to bite everything what they found.

You need to spend a lot of time to teach bite inhibition and how much pressure of their bite is acceptable.

So you need to apply obedience training to polish that attitude and you need to peruse them kids cannot be bite.

You need to make soft spot for children otherwise they can be busy with what they have got by nature.

Applicable for an experienced dog owner

German Shepherd is not a dog for new owner, but if you are an experienced dog owner you may apply for them.

This breed needs much more activity to make them please. They are notoriously stubborn and can act out if they are not properly guided.

It’s a breed of high intelligence and need stimulus, as like opportunity to play with or any movement that can burn their energy completely.

To say, if you are an experienced dog owner, you can try to have this type of giant wolf alike breed.

Size matters in terms of safety


If you classify German Shepherd from their gender basis, you will found female are comparatively smaller than male.

Not only smaller but also muscular, that’s why females are easier to train and usually more sensitive than male.

Similarly, temperament of this breed is differs from gender to gender.

Female are considered less destructive rather than male German shepherd.

Average result of German Shepherd are outstanding to kids

If you properly socialized a German Shepherd, you will found with a few exceptions, most of the German Shepherd breed are good with children.

They have a long successful history being a family pet and famous for their positive feedback towards our society.

This breed is considered having a moderate level activity in terms of choosing other same types of breed.

 So you can expect polished attitude if you train them properly and take care of them as well.

Age can influence damage possibility

Whenever they are puppies, it is easy to train them according to you supervision, because puppies are considered having more power to grasp things then an adult one.

 It is true that, when a German Shepherd are adult, it is difficult to train them according to order, as a result adult German Shepherd are considered having more possibility making destruction.

shortly we can say, while buying German Shepherd we recommend to choose a baby German Shepherd not an adult one, so that you will have more chance to train them for appropriate movement.

 You should always keep in mind that, most accident is more likely to happen with a young and matured GSD.

Newest member of the pack


When you are introducing a baby to German Shepherd, this breed treats a baby and the newest member of their pack.

This breed have welcome attitude to a baby if properly socialized.

 If you add a baby to your family, let them introduce properly with your breed so that your breed can accept a new joining.

 Don’t hesitate to teach your GSD to accept a baby if they are newcomer, you just need to monitor their attitude until it accepted.

Spend enough time with your German Shepherd

You need to spend enough time to your GSD,  so that they can assure, they are not neglecting at all. This because, if they watch someone is closer to you, they might feel crazy.

That’s why you need to spend enough time with this breed to makes them happy.

You are requested not to watch your breed that you concentration always only for your family members.

our recommendation, spend quality time with your puppies along with baby so that, both baby and puppies think each of them somehow related and you are caring them enough.

Don’t push them to learn things faster

While introducing new things to your breed, don’t force them to learn faster because it can be harmful instead of something good.

Animal learn things as like human, so it is natural that, they will take time to grasp anything from you.

If you for them to learn more quickly, more likely they are going to forget fast, so adjust yourself to abide this process and treat it natural.

Generally, things take time to take space in brain whatever The Breed is, so go along with it.

Reward German Shepherd for something good with baby

Everybody in the world become happy when they are rewarded, so feel the same as you. When your breed is doing something good, always give them any kinds of reward.

It can be toys or food, but foods are considered greater reward option.

When you dog makes anything good to you baby, reward them. it will help them to know, if they do something good to that member of its pack, they are more likely to get a price, which will makes them to inspire to do repeatedly.

So make a list first, which you are going to provide them for better behavior to your baby and wait for adjust with your order.

Play role as a pack leader to German Shepherd with baby

GSD tends to have learn from order and treat all family members as one pack so,  when a new baby arrive at home, they do not feel disturb, they are more likely to accept this.

 If you playing role as a pack leader, they will follow your instruction and they will obey you order.

 A pack leader is a role who is permitted to do things as a leader and can change anything if it seems inappropriate.

 That is to say, recognize your position first, then things will be easy to maintain.

Let them identify by smell

German Shepherd, like another same type of breed, are used to smell anything that they got though it is there natural instinct.

 Let your German Shepherd smell the scent of your baby before introduce them for the first time. You should also smell them to smell soiled blanket or used burp cloth.

It will make them to be confident to accept a new member by smelling before introducing with them in real.

 Dogs are considered to have high smell accuracy rather than any in the world.

Regular health check-up require to GSD

If you found sudden change within your dogs behavior, do not delay going vet. This may lead to watch bad condition.

Sometimes your dog can have bad health condition, which will make them aggressive to anything.

You always need to monitor your dog’s health from time to time, otherwise without your knowledge some bad situation you might face.

So, to get the right behavior to you and also for your babies, health check-up is always compulsory.

A behavioral specialist can help you

 If your dogs not providing you a polished behave after long time training, you need to go to a behavioral specialist.

because, after certain amount of time you can expect that you dog will behave as you teach them,  but sometimes you dog might unable to understand what are you saying about.

 It can be poor voice command or it can be your dog’s inability of skimming things properly.

a specialist who has previous training to understand how a dog will be more well behaved can solve your problem easily.

Family requirement can be solved

sometimes, you family want to have a German Shepherd for hardening purpose, but you already have a baby, what to do? Don’t be afraid to buy a German Shepherd from any reputed breeder.

You just need to choose a puppy not a younger one, because if you buy a puppy for your family, it can be easy to train and more flexible to maintain.

Remember in mind, if you dog growing up alongside with you baby, they can be friendlier than ever, depends how you taking care of them without creating any jealousy issues.

Your dog will support you if you and your family love them from the core of your heart. Surprisingly, they will back the same to you as usual.

Maintain a strict guideline to German Shepherd for baby

You always need to make a treat guideline for your puppies because, babies are more sophisticated than any, so when your dog moving around your baby, be careful to watch every little moment around them.

You should make a strict guideline for your puppies, so that they have complete understanding where can go and play, and where forbidden to go.

After adjusting to this guideline, the breed can be relieved from watching all day long, otherwise, GSD can show their natural impulsive behavior.

Give GSD food in time

A German Shepherd become pleased when they got something amazing to them. Most of the cases you will found they like food All the Way.

Generally, German Shepherd are given their food 2 times in a day, though some likes to feed them one time.

What food you give them, need to be given within regular time, a reward can be exception from it.

Dog just love food, giving them more food can be a good option for you to guide them properly and efficiently.

German Shepherd Toys should be different in color and shape

Toys of a breed should not be similar with babies. Your dog can be confused if they found their toys look alike baby toys.

As you know, this breed have sharp teeth that’s why if they found toys in front of them, they think they can chew it and also bite.

This is the reason that you do not buy any types of toys that are looking same color and shape but different.

Sometimes you might watch that you will breed are playing with your kid’s toys and kids are playing with dog toys. Don’t be hesitate to let them know once again.

Observe any little approach carefully to baby

sometimes you may notice that your dog are not showing correct approach towards people, sometimes it will not directly shows their aggressive behavior but they are in anger mode.

They can show their anger by some unusual ways which cannot be ignored.

Sometimes they tend to avoid people or animals and separate themselves instead of being closer.

Some physical movement you can notice for your future reference which is stated below:

  • dislike interaction
  • Whining and Nervousness
  • does not wagging its tail
  • curled lips
  • low growling
  • raised hair
  • flattened ears

Establish a physical barrier around German Shepherd from baby

After arrive your home for the first time, you need to establish a physical barrier within your breed and babies. Your breed needs to understand where they are allowed to go and where not.

Sometimes you may found that you dog and sniffing around your home without baby’s presence, treat this as Natural.

You need to make sure that they understand, they are only allow entering the room if you are with them, otherwise they should keep themselves out.

You should keep all your baby’s belongings away from your dog’s space of movement to make things protected.

Sum up

At the end we can say that, German Shepherd is a loyal and smart breed but you need to maintain them properly to make their attitude positive towards babies.

If you train them poorly, it can be harmful to you and also for your family.

They are wild, so you need to socialize them at the time of their very childhood age and if you buy a adult one, it will be hard to maintain them.

After successful socialization and training, you can expect your German Shepherd is not going to make any problem for your baby.

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