18 Amazing Dogs that look like German Shepherds

If you search for breed, dogs that look like German Shepherds, you may end up with many but some can be more realistic that you might feel interest to know more.

Basically German shepherd is a world famous dog breed that pet lover always wants to get one of them, but sometimes pure breed like German shepherd can be more in price and in terms of availability.

Within this article we will talk about some of them though you may find some of them are unfamiliar.  We will try letting you know how they look alike and also their origin and temperament briefly.

Let’s get into the list …



Malinois is a squarely built dog having Strong, and well-muscled Dogs that look like German Shepherds. Not only Confident, Smart and Hardworking but also elegant in looking. Perhaps this one most often mistaken as German Shepherd.

First Originated in northwestern region of Belgium, though sometimes they are classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd dog rather than as a separate pure breed.

Having a short mahogany coat with black markings with erect ears, who have long past as an excellent working dog, listed by AKC within the herding group.

Sometimes you may found them in TV playing with German shepherd, but you should not think them, the best for children due to their temperament.

Because of heavy muscles, they need significant amounts of exercise and need to spend plenty of time working with them.

You will be delighted knowing that, they are world-class worker who forges an unbreakable bond with its owner best suits for personal protection.

In addition, they are used by K-9 unit of Israel Defense Forces and the ITBP and National Security Guard (NSG) in India commando unit have inducted Malinois breed into its K-9 unit.

Some key features of this amazing breed:

  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Alert

White shepherd

white shepherd

White Shepherd is a medium-sized muscular Dogs that look like German Shepherds, originated in United states, direct descendant from German Shepherd In the first half of the twentieth century .

this breed been known to Europe as early as 1882, though native Germany banning them to register as separate breed in 1933 but UKC (United Kennel Club) recognized them as coloration of shepherd breed.

they are intelligent and loyal, looking beautiful and its worth knowing that the white coloration came from recessive gene.  

They like to play with others dogs , and when got same sex, they become much playful comparing others breed.

a breed club was of this breed formed in 1969 specifically for white colored German Shepherds in United stats .

male are about 24 to 26 inches tall and female are found comparatively small than male, 22 to 24 inches.

Some people identify them as disqualifying fault of mating but it is wrong, they did not came from by mixing with any other breed of dog since its introduction to North America.

Eastern European Shepherd

Eastern european shepherd

The East European Shepherd, commonly known as  Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka or VEO is another type of breed that also looks alike German shepherd.

Significantly larger sized Dogs that look like German Shepherds, with medium-length dense coat and undercoat is well-developed.

They are intelligent, courageous and tough, and according to dog owners opinion, temperament as similar as Doberman.

Most often you will found them, longer soft hairs on their ears, neck, limbs and tail.

Beside this, their paws found large with long toes, giving them snowshoe-like appearance.

Though not well-known, can cope up with cold conditions easily,  might be calmer in temperament but significantly heavier than German Shepherd.

They are excellent working dogs, and in Russia been used doing wide variety of tasks, in fact, the Soviet union breeding them intent of making a larger, healthier version of the German Shepherd for military or guard purpose.

The first standard of this breed was approved in 1964 by the Cynological Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.

Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren

Our next similar German shepherd type breed is Belgian Tervuren, most often characterized by a straight and abundant double coat with muscular frame.

 They are Courageous, Alert and Intelligent, weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms, been used in centuries as herding Dogs that look like German Shepherds.

You will be surprised knowing that, the name Tervuren is one of the richest municipalities in Belgium.

you may found them like Malinois having lifetime 12 to 14 years with endless energy though their temperament can be very sometimes.

However their intelligence and high activity level might be a a little bit dufficult for the less creative one who may not understand the breed’s need.

The Belgian Tervuren’s AKC standard says that the breed is not aggressive and never tired that’s why needs a lot of exercise every day.

But whatever they are, playing role as good watchdogs and better-suited for families with lovely children.



The Laekenois is another medium-sized separate breed of dog, sometimes classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd.

They are hard-working and square-proportioned in size with tousled coat, registered by AKC as Belgian Laekenois within herding group.

Originated in Royal Castle of Laeken, a residential suburb in north-west Brussels in Belgium. In the First and Second World War, they used a messenger dog.

They are 55 to 65 pounds in weight with 22 to 26 inches tall, distinguished from his brethren by a rough.

However they are native dogs of Belgium, much lighter in color and protective to its owner.

affectionate and friendly with the person whom he knows well. Though healthy and robust hence requires plenty of employment to them happy.

So far good with children whereas typically reserved with strangers as well.



Groenendael is intelligent and active but not for the faint of heart, Categorized within Belgian Shepherd breed on our list though but some people treated them as a distinct breed.

They are visually striking and their undercoat are heavily penalized. They are not only looking gorgeous but also got luxurious coat comparing German Shepherds.

Generally they are extremely intelligent and eager to please its owner being a protective breed, however you may found them a little bit shy with aggressive mode.

This breed commonly known as Belgian Sheepdog, recognized either as a separate Dogs that look like German Shepherds, or a variety of the larger breed by 2 popular kennel clubs, one is the Kennel Club of the UK or another is American Kennel Club.

However Groenendael is recognized by its distinctive black coat, means you will always find them as black Dogs that look like German Shepherds, you also found small white markings on the chest, its also allowed as well.

More importantly they are highly trainable and like other Herding breeds, requires a good amount of exercise every day.

Dutch Shepherd

dutch shepherd

Dutch Shepherd is a herding dog of Dutch origin, discovered as a naturally occurring shepherd’s dog living in rural areas and their duties were to keep flocks of sheep in a particular location

Naturally athletic with gold brindle or a silver brindle coat which is harsh tousled and woolly , though the coat could be any color.

first breed standard of Dutch Shepherd was written in 1898, when any color were allowed since 1914, only brindle are allowed to distinguish them from German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd.

They are also used to recognized as all-purpose farm dog, that’s why you will usually found them using police and military operation.

You also found them brindle coloration and a distinguished-looking with bushy muzzle.

In addition, Dutch Shepherds featured as some of the healthiest of the Northern European shepherd breeds.

All the above, great with children and other dogs  but alert towards strangers.

Carpathian Shepherd

carpathian shepherd

Carpathian Shepherd is devoted and well-mannered, originated from Romania having rectangular body a broad croup that is slightly inclined.

Vigorous in appearance, expected lifetime 12 to 14 years, known as perfect watch dog.first standard of this breed elaborated by The National Zootechnical Institute in 1934.

In March 1998, a club named Carpathian Shepherd Dogs Club was founded by a group of fans but later renamed as the National Club of Carpathian Shepherd Dog Breeders.

They are mesocephalic dog, with a strong, wolfish type head in listed as looking like a German Shepherd and their ears do not point, flopping down instead.

Sometimes you may found them bigger in size compared to German Shepherd and milder temperament than other shepherds.

They are calm but extremely loyal and protective, still guards flocks of sheep against even bears to this very day.

Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherd

Our next German shepherd like bred is Bohemian Shepherd, 18 to 22 inches height and weight can be approx 40 to 60 pounds. Expected lifetime of this breed is about 12 to 15 years.

Commonly known as Chodský Pes or the Chodenhund and categorized within Foundation Stock Service group by AKC.

They are medium in size but very active and energetic having short ears and a glossy double coat. They are tough and resistant to cold weather, though in summer season they can suffer from the heat as well.

In addition, they have a many succeed story as nose work, tracking, pastoral work and search and rescue operation. They are obedient an good service dogs also.

The King of Bohemia allow their people breeding Chodové to assist them patrolling the borders In 1325.

But this breed itself provisionally recognized by FCI very recently, Since 2019 as Bohemian Shepherd.

Overall, they are superb family pet and can be easily trained.

King Shepherd

king shepherd

King Shepherd is a king-sized Shepherd hybrid, considered the “gentle giants” of the canine world,  developed by American’s Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer.

Though large in size , hence AKC (American Kennel Club) aren’t officially recognized then as separate

They are resulting from the cross-breeding of German Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherds and coat can be two types:

  • straight coarse coat
  • wavy long-haired coat

they are child-friendly but not suited in small home due to large size. They are comparatively bigger than German shepherd.

 however They can be excellent working dogs, especially as a guard dogs, and carry the self-assurance of German Shepherds as well.

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

The Shiloh Shepherd is a mixed hybrid, developed by combining the German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute. Apparently larger size and very similar to German Shepherd.

Quite hardy and looks powerful Dogs that look like German Shepherds, their tails are plumed and filled with dense fur. Can be very in color; pure white or black even dark brown, red, golden or silver.

A women named Tina first began this breed these dogs in New York, though origin are quite recent, In 1974.

Breeder wanted to get larger in size but retaining much of its original genetics reducing health issues, that’s why its mixed get reality.

Can be a good assistance to their human companion but requires temperament testing in order to be certified by its focused clubs.

American Alsatian

American Alsatian

American Alsatian is a giant sized pure dog breed, first seen in 1987, but registered for the first time by breeder Lois Scwarz in the 1980.

You may found extremely difficult to work with and keep as pets, hence people treat them as perfect family companion.

originally known as the North American Shepalute, calm, mild mannered, adaptable to modern living but these are not working dogs.

Look alike wolf, color can be very; gold, tri color, Silver, black or cream and average Lifespan 12 to 15 years.

Because of being classified as giant breed, need plenty of space to feel comfortable.

Northern Inuit

Northern Inuit

Though unknown about their ancestors, Northern Inuit imported from North America in the 1980. They are stubborn, intelligent and gentle.

So far we have known, this breed came from by crossing possible 1 of following 4 breeds:

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. Samoyed
  4. Siberian Husky

They are very friendly with good tempered, best suited for families with older children or Active singles and Height can be 23 to 32 inches.

Because of having wolf like appearance and strong will, you may found a little bit difficult to train.

Though this hybrid is wolf alike, hence it takes a completely different approach. But sadly, considered to be a crossbreed and that’s why not recognized by the AKC. If someone is novice, this active breed definitely not for you.

White Swiss Shepherd

white swiss shepherd

Within our German shepherd like breeds list, White Swiss shepherd presents them as a Companion dog breed, originated in Switzerland in the early 70s.

Been registered as a distinct breed in the appendix of the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) since June 1991, though White-colored German Shepherds were once banned from registration in their native Germany.

This double coated balanced breed is also powerful and well-muscled having erect ears. They love action and have good ability to be trained.

Generally they are highly social and devoted to its owner, never afraid or aggressive without provocation. In addition, The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom officially recognized this breed in 2017.

They are also Wedge-shaped and their skull slightly rounded with almond shaped eyes. Some drawback we have found, severely sloping backline and sometimes overly shy.

Panda Shepherd

panda shepherd

The Panda Shepherd is a piebald colored, extremely faithful and brave German Shepherd, contains 35% of its body color as white.

They are sturdy and slightly elongated body with their bone structure is light and solid.

Basically, Panda German Shepherds are one kinds of German Shepherd, exhibits rare genetic mutation causing white spotting within body or you can say extremely rare coloration.

They have sturdy and slightly elongated body and thir bone structure is solid. Some assume results of crossbreeding to collies or similar breeds.

Often used as working dogs and first recorded Panda mutation occurred in 2000 in a female dog, Lewcinka’s Franka von Phenom.

However, our record says, genetic tests show that this coloration is basicall a result of genetic mutation, not crossbreeding. Overall they are extremely protective to its family and can be found easy to train.

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

Our final look like German shepherd breed is Caucasian Shepherd, large livestock guardian dog from the Caucasus region.

They are Fearless and Bold, weight can be approx 100 to 170 pounds with 22 to 30 inches height. They are classified into Foundation Stock Service group by AKC.

Lifespan can be 10 to 12 years, standardized and registered by the Soviet Union in the 20th century though the breed itself native breed to the countries of the Caucasus region like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Dagestan and Georgia.

Since 100 years ago, they were used to protect properties from trespassers. Their coats can be very in types, very long to short, that’s why need groomed daily.

They also been used in different activities:

  • Guarding
  • flocks and dwellings from predators
  • safe-keeping of herds

in addition, this is the largest breed in our list, commonly known to us with different name:

  1. Caucasian Sheepdog
  2. Kawkasky Owtscharka
  3. Ovcharka
  4. Kaukasische Schaferhund

Whatever the name, this mountain dog proves themselves as a best guard dog to its community as usual.

Czechoslovakian Vlcak

Czechoslovakian Vlcak

The Czechoslovakian Vlcak (CSV) , though relatively new but originally a primitive breed, known for having boundless energy, especially during their early stage, original lineage to an experiment conducted in 1955 in Czechoslovakia.

You may found them dominant with independent personality, officially recognised as a breed by Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1989.

 They have superior eyesight, hearing and sense of smell and shed twice-a-year.

This breed came from a plan mating German Shepherds with Carpathian grey wolves to get best output of mixed breeds temperament, pack mentality, and trainability purpose.

Primarily this breed was engineered as attack dogs for use in military operation in Czechoslovak, but later used in Europe and the United States for other purpose like tracking, herding, search and rescue, schutzhund-sport, agility and so on.

Yakutian Laika

Our last breed look like German shepherd is Yakutian Laika is a wonderful dog, developed in long ago for natives of Yakutia as indispensable assistants.

Generally they are working dog breed, originated in Yakutia region of the Russian Siberia, since using for herding, pulling sleds and hunting. Yakute people employed them as universal animals.

however They are family friendly and sometimes were used in religious ceremonies. Beside this they also plays important role in transportation.

Russian Kynological Federation recognize them and FCI officially accepted the breed In September 2019.

Sum up

May be you want a giant sized family pet German Shepherds, but you need to consider some facts about their temperament and also maintenance.

Having a breed is may cost you money, but our recommendation is always buy from good vet and properly take care of them.

Within our list of breed, some are pure breed and also some of them are mixed I mean hybrid. So make sure what you want.

All the above, don’t look something only for distinctive look but also buy something calm and family friendly. Thanks a lot for reading.

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