Can dog eat Mango? Can we feed them or How?

Mango is sweet and testy fruit, been served to human as healthy snacks long ago, hence its a question, can dog eat mango?. People love to eat mangoes most often after ripe. People also love to serve it to their guest with happy smile.

It can be verities in color and different shaped. Not only delicious but also nutritious, which makes people healthy by improving immune system. Beside this, It protects heart cells against inflammation.

 But question arrives, can dog eat mango? So let’s go to find out the answer below.

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

mango for dog

Yes, dogs can eat mangoes, as it is sweet and testy fruit, makes your dog healthy. It can be healthy snacks of your dog.

But you should give them occasionally as a treat, by slicing small pieces. As a treat you can give them after training, exercise or after maintaining proper diet chart as a food.

Possible Dangers of Eating Mango for dogs

Though healthy fruit, but skin of a mango might be difficult for a puppy to digest. You need to remove the skin, and then it can be served. Otherwise, your dog might face choking hazard issue.

Beside this, it’s a fruit of sugar and fiber, so too much eating can effect badly, as a result they become overweight.

Are Mango Good for Dogs?

Inner part of mango is a good source of vitamin C, above 36% per 100 grams. Also contains beta-Carotene, calcium, protein and Carbohydrates.

sliced mango for dog eating

It helps to improve your dog’s eyesight and digestive health as well.

Fiber of mangoes plays a important role to develop strengthen immune system of your puppy and lower cholesterol levels. But you need to serve them in moderation.

How to Serve Mango for Dogs ?

While serving, do not serve them not more than 10% of their daily food distribution. Now we are going to talk about how to process it.

First, you need to remove thick mango skin and then remove the pit to become safe for your dog. Because skin of mangoes is too tough to digest. So You should slice mango as small pieces, to enjoy your dog a fresh taste of mango flesh.

You can also serve dried mango as chewy snacks at the time of exercising or training. But it should be a treat, not the whole at any food time.

About 90% of you dogs food need to be add from other source.

Beside this, frozen mango can be a tasty treat at the time of summer. it also helps to clean your dogs teeth like Pearl.

Can Dogs Eat Mango Pits ?

No , mango pit is not ideal to feed your dog because, it supposed to be strong and big in size, So if swallowed, can be stuck at throat as a result,  your dog could easily choke on it.

But sometimes it can be small in sized, so if accidently swallowed, your dog might pass through his body without difficulty. You are recommended to trash pit after removing from mango.

How Much Mango Can My Dog Eat ?

Mango should be given in moderation to your canine. It’s not sufficient to fulfill daily food intake. You should try to avoid, too much fruit trying into dog.

As it is healthy snacks, so try to maintain variation, giving different food items at different day.

The best thing will be, consult with your veterinarian to maintain proper diet chat for your canine. Because they are expert of this subject.


Mango is an awesome snacks typed food, if served to dog moderate level. It’s a good food to share with your puppy.

So it can be a great addition into diet chart of your dog, if you maintain all the information provided properly.

Dog itself a best companion of our society, so keep them healthy, trying good food with proper guideline.

So what are you feeding to your dog right now? Let us know.

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