Can dog eat cucumbers? is it Good for dogs Health?

Cucumbers considered healthy green vegetables to our society long ago, but can dog eat cucumbers?. Sometimes people treat this as fruit, because it is sweet in taste, contains small amount of sugar.

Some people assume that, first originated in India, though been to cultivated 3000 years ago.

It’s a very popular snack to our society. Most often People used to eat this as salad, because it is free from fat and low in calories. It also contains many useful ingredients to human body.

But can we serve it to dogs? It’s a question, because human digest system not matches with animals. But sometime some foods are applied to animals to see impacts within animals.

Let’s get into the details to find out the answer. Is it possible or not? With its impacts within dog.

Can dogs eat cucumbers?

fresh cucumbers

Yes, your dog can eat Cucumbers easily, as it is non toxic with low fat. You can serve it to your puppy as snacks. But you need to serve them in moderate level.

Beside this, it can be a great food, both for you and your puppy. After sliced, you can feed it to your puppy as a treat after training and playing.

In addition, At the time of summer, it will help your puppy hydrated.

Are cucumbers good for dogs?

Yes, it’s a very healthy snack for your dogs, as it contains low-fat and low-calorie, which protects your puppy become overweight.

  • Fat – 0.11 grams
  • Sugars – 1.67 grams
  • Protein – 0.65 grams

 It contains more than 95% water and variety of health-supportive phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory benefits.

It also contains calcium, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium and iron, means a healthy diet plan for your dog. But you should not give them more than 10% of their daily intake.

How Much Cucumbers Can My Dog Eat ?

As we said before, not more than 10%, it goes same to other types of vegetables. If you give them more, it may cause gas problem of your canine.

What types of cucumbers can dog eat ?

You should serve them cutting small amount of pieces but not as a whole, because your puppy may be small in size, they might find it difficult to eat, as a result choking issue can face.

dog eating sliced cucumbers

You also keep in mind when you are going to buy it from grocery shop, leave the pickle jar on the shelf, because Pickles contains spices and salt that can be harmful to your canine.

Though getting small amount of pickle won’t make any issues, hence stick with plain cucumbers and avoid feeding pickles to any types of dogs.

Can Eating Cucumbers Be Dangerous for Dogs ?

Though healthy food, but too much cucumber can be harmful to your dog. It can lead them overeating, which will lead to an upset belly.

Sometimes you may face problem with its seeds and skin, upsetting your dog’s stomach badly, so if you remove them before serving it can be a wonderful treat for your dog.

Choking hazard can take place if you try whole cucumbers; you should chop the vegetables into a manageable size and also make sure that your dog digests it well.

How to serve cucumbers to dogs ?

You should serve them after sliced as snacks, as it is watery vegetable. It would be more beneficial at the time of summer.

After removing seeds it can be dried, and then can be served as treat for chewing purpose.

It can also be served trying some method below:

  • Plain cucumbers just sliced
  • Treat alternative like food
  • As side dish at dinner
  • Chewing toy while playing
  • Peeled
  • After removing seeds different shaped
  • After freezing peeled cucumber

Whatever you serve, make sure your dogs like it and doesn’t making any problem to digest.


Cucumbers are serving to human long ago as salad with other vegetables, been used as a testy food to animals. Your children can play with these vegetables after sliced like toy to your canine.

 While feeding you should try with other vegetables like broccoli, peanut, carrots etc. before trying bulk amount of cucumbers, try with little.

If you found something unusual trying it, consult your vet immediately.

Do you have any previous experience trying this, let us know.

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