Can dog eat carrots? is it Safe for Dogs health?

Carrots is one kind of healthy vegetables for human, it is good source of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants, question arrives, can dog eat carrots?. because of Lower cholesterol, that’s why good for those, who wants to lose weight by food.

It contains low fat and protein, consists with starch and sugars, such as sucrose and glucose and good source of fiber.

Because of being good source of several vitamins and minerals, peoples are found carrots useful to make their body healthy and fit.

But when question arrives, can dog eat carrots? So let’s find out the answer.

Can dog eat carrots ?

dog eating carrots

Yes, dogs can eat carrots, as long as served by raw or cooked with no preservative. Low calorie food, so you also feed to your puppy as well. It is affordable and nutritious, so dog owners can easily feed them as snack.

 Because of being low calorie food, per 100 grams contain 44 calories, your dog is safe from overweight.

What health benefits dog can get from carrots ?

Great resource, as it contains vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. Dog needs vitamin A, which is essential for their bone growth.

Beside this, carrots contain beta-carotene that plays an important role reducing risk of several cancers.

About more than 53 % of dogs are facing overweight issues. As it is low fat, so while feeding, you can be assure that your dogs are not going to gain weight.

How often i feed carrots to dog ?

You can feed carrots to your dog in many ways as snacks, it can be raw or cooked. But you should cut carrots as small amount of pieces to insure your pooch not facing problem eating carrots.

fresh carrots

Because may be you have a small puppy, so eating whole carrots can be quite difficult, can cause choking. If you found carrots are difficult to feed or they are betraying, don’t force them, instead talk to your veteran.

Are carrots good for dog’s eyes ?

It makes your dog vision sharp, because it also good source of lycopene and lutein, which is also essential, protecting eyes from free-radical damage and UVB radiation.

Are carrots good for dog’s teeth ?

Carrots can be a element when you are thinking about their teeth, because it make pearly whites teeth and combat with plaque.

Some people recommends trying cold or frozen carrots, but our suggestion is, if your dog facing no problem trying this, then it is ok, because sometimes they might refuse you touching their teeth.


Veterinarians recommends, brushing their teeth everyday to overcome dental issues, you should try at least once a week.

Chewing carrots can also help to improve your dog’s dental health.


Carrots are been used as healthy food for both human and dog. If properly feed, you will end up with happy smile.

It is quite affordable and easily found. By slicing small pieces, you will see good reaction feeding them. It also keeps your dog healthy and smart.

As it is good food, you should try with it. You should also try with other vegetables as like potatoes, nuts and meat as well.

Let us know, what you are feeding and what types of food your dog love most. We always appreciate your comments as usual.

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