Can dog eat broccoli ? – Facts you need to know

you are here to know about, can dog eat Broccoli? yes being a healthy vegetables your dog can. Because it is a good source of vitamins, But minerals and antioxidants, beside this it has plenty of vitamin C and healthy fiber, to make our body fit and healthy.

It is one of the world’s testy food, largely produced in china. It is a great resource of vitamin K, about 97% of it.  

But if you want to know can dog eat broccoli? Depends on many factors, because all human food is not well suited for animals, as like dogs. But sometimes, some types of food can be applied to species.

You may wait to get the answer, so let’s talk about broccoli …

Can dog eat broccoli ?

Broccoli for dog

Yes, dogs can eat broccoli, raw and cooked, both ways. But you cannot mixe any preservative or oil with it.

As we know, dogs are omnivores, they can get necessary supplement to live, from fruits and vegetables like human.

How much broccoli dog can eat ?

Broccoli is safe, if you give them 10% of its entire daily intake but if you give them more than 25%, it can be harmful for your pooch.

So you should keep in mind, 10% formula while feeding your dog broccoli.

You should keep in mind that, it varies from size to size and also activity level, so you should start with a little bit observing its reactions, because every species is unique by nature, so digesting capacity can be different from one to another.

Benefits of broccoli for dogs

small sized broccoli at cup

It is a good source of vitamin C and calcium, beside this it also contains high amount of vitamin K and potassium. According to study, 100 grams of broccoli provides 34 calories.

Low-calorie food enriched with fiber, though fiber is not a necessary element for every dog breeds. But calcium plays important role to boost its energy and makes bone stronger.

Beside this, broccoli has sulphur-containing compounds to help against cancer cell.

Is broccoli safe for dogs ?

Yes, it is safe while feeding appropriate amount. Otherwise it can harmful instead of doing good. You can try with some of ways below:

  • florets
  • dried
  • steamed
  • stalks

whatever the ways, if you found something wrong with feeding broccoli, don’t force them to eat, instead consult with your vet or breeder at once.

Health risks of broccoli for dogs

All ingredients of broccoli is not good, one ingredient Isothiocyanate can be harmful to your dogs. Dog can face gastric irritation from it, it can be high or low.

Isothiocyanate is one kinds of electrophilic compound, mostly found in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, garden cress etc. though it is useful for plant itself, as it protects plants from insects.

It is also useful for other animals, for its disease preventive and therapeutic effects.


Though useful for dogs, but you should feed them precisely, otherwise it can lead bad effects like vomiting, gas etc.

You should keep in mind; broccoli should be served as a snack, but not as whole of their diet plan. if you want to see you dog healthy, also feed them other types of food, like dry kibble, meat as well.

So we hope, you have enjoyed well. Let us know what type of foods you are feeding right now, at our comment section. Thank you.

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