The Black Mouth Curs | A Complete Guide of a Versatile Dog

The Black mouth curs is a medium sized, genetically very athletic typed working dog breed. If you have previous experience maintaining them, than it could be a smart choice.

It’s a wonderful family dog, intelligent and energetic. If you living in a small flat, not best suits to you. Because, this breed itself need plenty of space to move around.

They are highly trainable and work focused breed, so you need to train them properly and always give them task, otherwise it can be a issue of their bore mood.

Expecting more? Reading with us to learn more about this canine.

Black mouth cur short brief
Lifetime 12 – 16 years
Height 15 – 25 inches
Weight 45 – 90lbs
Color and coat Brown, black, yellow with short coated
Temperament High energy, Intelligent, polite
Feeding and diet 2 cups high quality dry kibble
Known health issues Eye infections, Skeletal issues, Ear infection, Epilepsy
Exercise requirements at least 1 hours exercise per day

History of Black mouth curs

Though it is uncertain knowing Black Mouth Curs origin but some claimed that the breed originated in the mountains of Tennessee while others believe the breed originated in Mississippi.

looking backyard black mouth

If you look any event using dogs, these canine were widely used by early American settlers as all-round working dogs.

 When Americans are moved into west, the Black Mouth Curs moved with them serving as a hunting dog. Some also assume that, they are originated in the Southeastern part of United States.

Being popular, American kennel club (AKC) do not identify them as pure breed but they was recognized by UKC on November 1, 1998.

Though recognized by many, but black mouth cur become famous after publishing the novel Old Yeller.

One thing can make you surprised knowing that, the breed itself isn’t mentioned by name, but their physical description as well as their temperament and behavioral characteristic.

The first Black Mouth Curs was registered with national kennel registry were the Ladner Black Mouth Curs with the cooperation of  the National Kennel Club in April 1964.

We have known with 3 types of Black Mouth Curs from three different parts of the states, which have stated below:

  1. Black Mouth Cur (Florida)
  2. Foundation Black Mouth Curs (Texas)
  3. Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur (Mississippi)

Whatever the name is, they are intelligent enough and active herding breed.

Appearance of Black mouth curs

curs looking forward

Apparently medium in size, powerful and active. Most of the time grey or dark-colored fur around their muzzle, which makes itself different from others.

They are short coated with different color, it can be like:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Yellow

Long body shaped helps them to move faster comparing others breed of this group. Their ears are dropping down and broad headed.

 Colors of their eye can be brown or yellow; sometimes it can be green or brindle also.

Height ranges from 15 to 25 inches tall and average weight is about 45 to 90lbs. males are found heavier then female in size. Average life expectancy of a Black mouth is 12 to 16 years.

Because of their large size, it doesn’t feel comfort living in small apartment. If you have a backyard, it can be a great problem solver of you maintaining them.

 Their muscular body helps them to work in different weather condition even bad. They do not become tired to long run.

In spite of being short coated, they are easily to groom. So you shoul not think about losing fur around your home, as a result brushing their coat can be enjoyable.

Personality and Temperament

black mouth cur in environment

Black mouth cur is working dog with high energy, been used for hunting and herding with farmer.

They not only loves people but wants to protect them. do not think to left them alone, So it will be best idea someone can be with him most of the day.

If you leave them alone for a longer period, they might be disappeared from home and cause any kinds of destruction. Some people assume that they used to bark all time, but they are not like that. They just cautious with strangers. 

They are intelligent and polite; always find ways to please its owner. They are also powerful enough and confident loves to live with families. Being a protective dog they wants make bond with family and protect them.

Speed makes them to be a guard dog. Sometimes their protective nature confuses them as aggressive breed. Early socialization helps you to polish their behavior.

Their energy need to burn otherwise will lead to anxiety and destructive behavior.

If you want to buy this breed but not as a working dog then make sure to fulfill its need for space and exercise requirement. 

An happy active family with large backyard, passes most of the time at house who might  be able to provide this dog healthy lifestyle that will keep them happy.

If you do not have enough time to stay with it, then you should consider others breed, may best suits to you.


In spite of being healthy breed, you should need to make their mind healthy too.

Though Black Mouth Curs are easy to train  and highly intelligent. Sometimes you might need few weeks to understand them to make bond at the beginning.

intelligent and lovely dog

Comparing other training method, you will get positive response from positive reinforcement and reward-based training. They are sensitive with training, it’s even more crucial to avoid aversive training techniques.

First you need to know about the things makes your puppy happy, it can be toy or food. after knowing use that thing properly.

If you try with brain games, it may keep them out of mischief.

You can apply with treasure hunt types games, because they are used to hunting and it is their heritage. You can start with Hiding toys or high value treats and encourage him to seek them out

Sometimes you may face with their stubborn side, when they are not responding well according to your command or you punish them for any failure. So you should not frustrate with them.

 You should make your training session possibly short, to get best response from it.

If you try applying positive reinforcement methods consistently, will ensure you that your dog will learn faster. But you need to socialize them at early period. Introduce them with our social approved behavior pattern.

You also need to introduce them with others people when people come into to your house as guest. It may help you reducing the risk of aggressive with strangers.

You also need to give them proper mental stimulation to become happy, because they become bore for any reason.

If you want to see as a good companion, we recommend trying with other types of game to stimulate their mind. You can try with:

  • Puzzle games
  • Training sessions
  • Agility classes

Whatever you try, need to match with their age and size. Otherwise your canine may reply badly.

How to Exercise Black mouth curs?

black mouth cur at grass

Being a healthy breed, They love to be active and need a high level of exercise.

Don’t think about how much efforts you will need to exercise them. they are  highly trainable, as they were bred to be hunters.

One thing you need to consider before going outside, they are born with high prey power. So on leash them while walking around non-secured areas, where there are wild animals around.

You should burn all its energy by playing or exercising, otherwise they may become unmanageable, as a result aggressive behavior or destruction.

We recommend to exercise them at least 1 hours per day, because they were used to hunting animal at early period.

They also love to play Flyball and agility, as they are super trainable, means can turn their paw to anything.

You may want to try with swimming as an exercise, but we recommend investing in a life jacket for your dog, to stay safe.

Grooming and shedding

One thing might make you pleased knowing that, they are short coated so you won’t notice too much fur around your house. That’s why their grooming requirements relative low.

You should brush their coat once a week to remove dirt, and it should be start from their early life as a routine.

You can wash them with shampoo, as they playing around, sometimes might get very dirty. It will make them clean and healthy.

Beside this, you might need to brush their teeth multiple times in a week. Their eyes and ears also need to be checked properly.

You also need to trim their nails as they are active and working dogs.

One trouble you may face, shedding all the year round. They are heavy shitter, and it rises up before summer and winter. But don’t worry, you can control it.

Feeding and Diet

Like others, Black Mouth Cur also needs healthy diet to be active. So before buying, make sure to invest on high quality food.

If you want to invest on dry food, make sure buying a high quality dry kibble, meets with its nutritional requirements, especially protein and fat.

 Protein plays a vital role building blocks of your dog’s body, on the other hand Fat is important for energy.

Usually puppies need 8% of its diet in fat form, this can be reduce to 5% when he is after being matured.

You should feed them, 2 cups high quality kibble per day, dividing into 2 mealtimes as it contains high in protein, which is most important nutrient for dogs.

Before feeding, make sure not to overfeed them, otherwise it could be a reason of weight gain issues. We recommend ask your vet before applying new food.

Cost of Black mouth cur

For an adorable Black mouth cur would cost you from $500-$1300. Sometimes you might need to pay more, because price varies due to breeder with location.

Known health Problems

Though healthy breed, still can suffer with certain health issues like other animal. It can be

  • Eye infections
  • Skeletal issues
  • Ear infection
  • Epilepsy

 You should Check their ears regularly and clean them when necessary. Because they born with dropped ears genetically, which could be a reason of ear infections, especially if they spend more time with swimming?

You need to wash them regularly, because they become dirty when working outside. Though some problems can easily be managed such as eye and ear infections.

But about other problems like epilepsy and skeletal problems, are less easy to manage.

It’s natural to become ill, but you should keep an eye on it to trace any unusual health issues.


Being a gorgeous family dog, love all its surroundings of family with children. But need to grow up with right hand.

Sometimes they are sensitive by nature, so if you left them alone, they might become bore and can be disappeared.

They are renowned for good working history in many different fields, as by born extremely high energy.

In addition, also provide them plenty of space to burn their calories by different activity, as a part of their maintenance.

Have you any previous experience with black mouth cur. Please let us know.

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